deea solutions

deea solutions GmbH provides tailor made engineering, economic and strategy support and advisory services in the fields of renewable energy, electrification and energy efficiency. Our flexible and experienced team of experts, coming either from an engineering or economic background, can look back on a working history in various fields of energy projects, e.g. advisory, project development and finance, detailed design and construction. On that basis, deea combines international consulting experience  with hands-on experience on the construction site in one team of experts. In addition to our own staff, we can rely on our network of associated experts for fields related to our core business.

deea in motion

Feasibility Study, Engineering and Tender Preperation for a 50 MWp Solar PV Project in Bolivia

Bolivia is planning to enter the development and realization of medium and large scale PV power plants. In April 2015, deea has been awarded by the ‘Ministry of Fossil Fuels and Energy’ to conduct Engineering and Consulting Services for Bolivia’s first MW scale grid-connected solar power plant, including Feasibility, Conceptual Layout and Technical Tender Documents. Once built, the 50 MWp installation will feed clean power into the national grid. The project will be located on the Bolivian highlands at approximately 3,700 m a.s.l. in the Oruro department.

Focus on Sub Saharan Africa

Another geographical focus for deea in 2015 has been Sub-Saharan Africa, including the finalisation of Owners Engineering Services for an Electrification Project in Tanzania, Solar Tender Agent Support for the GET-Fit Scheme governed by the KfW in Uganda, and the initiation of another solar roof-top system in Namibia, serving as light house project within the “Renewable Energy Solutions Program” of the German Energy Agency (dena). The specific challenges of projects in developing countries are well known to our staff through years of consulting experience in similar environment. Do not hesitate to contact us for expert advice.

Worldwide Solar BoS Cost Reduction Study

In it's actual work program IRENA has, amongst others, the aim to study the future cost reduction potential of solar PV systems. The characteristics of the BoS market in terms of diversity and dynamics is very differnet from the PV module and inverter market and becomes an increasingly important factor in the PV industry. Thus IRENA has asigned deea solutions to study the future cost reduction potential and performance improvements for the BoS market until 2025. It contains as well the analysis of trends in market segmentation and its implication on applied technologies.