Excellence in Renewables

deea solutions GmbH provides tailor made engineering, economic and strategy advisory in renewable energies, electrification and energy efficiency. We are a team of experienced consulting engineers and economists specialized in renewable energies and energy efficiency. deea combines international consulting experience with hands-on experience in the office, in the field or on the construction site. Our services add significant value to your projects - proven by our clients!

deea solution stands for Excellence in Renewables.

deea in motion

Demand-driven Solar PV Systems for Southern African Development Community

deea soultion implements a capacity building project on demand-driven Solar PV systems in Namibia. In October 2016, a battery-backed solar PV power system will be installed and commissioned on the roof of the boarding school of the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) in Windhoek. In addition to the design and installation of the system, the companies deea solutions and Terrawatt will conduct workshops and trainings on demand-driven solar power systems with local personnel. Amongst others, the project aims to collect important information on power outages in the region in order to provide tailored solar system solutions in Namibia and neighboring Southern African Development Community (SADC) countries.

Focus on Sub Saharan Africa

A geographical focus of deea solutions is Sub-Saharan Africa. We have; finalized the Owners Engineering Services for an Electrification Project in Tanzania and Solar Tender Agent Support for the GET-Fit Scheme governed by the KfW in Uganda. deea currently conducts a technical and financial due diligence of a comprehensive farming concept with solar powered irrigation in Benin. Moreover, project development and technical studies; for a powered Mini Grid with battery storage in Namibia are being executed.
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Worldwide Solar BoS Cost Reduction Study

In it's actual work program IRENA has, amongst others, the aim to study the future cost reduction potential of solar PV systems. The characteristics of the BoS market in terms of diversity and dynamics is very differnet from the PV module and inverter market and becomes an increasingly important factor in the PV industry. Thus IRENA has asigned deea solutions to study the future cost reduction potential and performance improvements for the BoS market until 2025. It contains as well the analysis of trends in market segmentation and its implication on applied technologies.