After remaining relatively unchanged for the last decade’s utilities are facing a host of new challenges such as evolving utility business models, changing consumer expectations or integration of new technologies. All of which cause regulatory models to adapt especially with respect to capacity planning, tariff setting, privatisation issues and maintenance and operation.

deea offers services that are suitable to overcome these challenges and turn it to profits. Services are based on proven tools and the capabilities and experience of our staff.

Services are usually performed in a combination of long-term experts that cover key positions and teams of short-term experts and interim managers that provide expert support upon request. This allows embedding the most comprehensive expertise to the project – on demand.

Our services tailored to your needs:

  • Operational and Financial Management
  • Financial and Operational Performance Evaluations
  • Improvement and Monitoring
  • Strategic and Investment Planning
  • Corporate Governance
  • Private Sector Implementations
  • Review and Adaption of Business Models
  • Technology Assessments and Portfolio Analyses
  • Client Cluster Analyses
  • Tariff Studies
  • Capacity Building
  • Commercial Operation Management
  • Carbon Emission Management

Kindly contact us for any of the above services or your tailored package!