Offshore Wind

It is expected that the offshore wind energy market size will exceed 60 billion Euro by 2023. The global offshore wind energy market has been set ablaze with a number of projects that have recently commenced power production. For instance, following the installation of its first 7 MW class turbines, Scotland’s biggest offshore wind farm has sent power for the first time to the National Grid. In October 2018 the Arkona Windfarm has officially started operation after a record breaking installation time of only 6 months. deea solutions was involved a chief commissioner and client representative. The 385 MW project, operated by E.ON in partnership with Equinor, will deliver power to approximately 400.000 German households.

There is no doubt that the offshore wind energy industry has reached maturity. The promising gigawatt pipelines of reliable and clean energy offer huge investment opportunities. In fact, wind is touted as one reliable renewable energy sources and has become a viable electricity generating source in more than 80 countries worldwide.

As Client Representative, our services range from design review, acceptance testing and quality control to construction & commissioning management, global functional testing, provisional acceptance and handover.

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