The development sector remains rather less organized and plagued with issues streaming from a limited knowledge base both technically and financially and time constraints.

These factors are obstacles for the sector to achieve its desired objectives. Evaluating the effectiveness of utilization of funds, analyzing problems, developing solutions and implementing adequate system approaches and technologies are some of the concerns that NGOs need to address. There is a need to assist the sector in addressing these issues to help promote overall goals.

deea solutions has a committed approach to NGO services and has extensive international experience to assist organizations in becoming both more effective and more efficient. Our dedicated service line addresses the special needs of the sector in terms of technological, engineering, strategic, administrative, financial and regulatory challenges faced by clients working in this field.

Project example

Electrification of the Baramba Girls Secondary School - Ngara, Tanzania

Currently electrical power is provided by means of a diesel gen set. Due to fuels supply problems, rising diesel prices and unreliable operation of the generator a continuous power supply cannot be ensured. For this reason, the installation of a battery backed solar system is planned which should ensure the energy supply and reduce costs. Moreover a low voltage distribution network will be built that connects nearby facilities and houses.

    Depending on the clients approach deea solutions offers the following services:
  • Project Management Advisory Services (Time Schedules, Implementation Support, Intercultural Management)
  • Logistics (Shipping, Import of Equipment, Customs Procedures, Local Transport, Construction Schedule)
  • Financial Advisory Services (taxes & duties, investment cost review)
  • Technical Advisory Services (technology and design review)

Kindly contact us for any of the above services or your tailored package!